In Which Ella Actually Gets Something Done for the First Time in Over a Week

I got out of bed today and dragged my sorry self into the study to sort through hundreds of photographs. I was not going to spend another day in my bedroom with the blinds drawn, the lights off, and the door closed.

Somehow, going through those pictures is relaxing. I like carefully scrutinizing the pictures, choosing which ones are good enough to print, and nothing makes me happier than putting files in folders. The repetitive clicking is soothing, and it’s so reassuring to know that the next time I need to access any of it, I’ll be able to find it instantly. I uploaded all of the good shots to Facebook, tagged them*, and published the album replete with captions denoting the time and place where they were taken. Task complete.

I went on to add music to iPod from my Dad’s iTunes account, which is always a fun task. He’s got about 20,000 songs–I’m fond of about 70% of it–and I had just discovered that I have listened to “Nightswimming” by R.E.M. over a hundred times in the last year alone.

I was going through a playlist that I had helped him make for my aunt’s iPod, when I noticed the Hanson song MMMbop. Unlike most pop, I am extremely fond of this song. Like silly dancing and singing along fond of it. I mean, nine times out of ten I will make a fool out of myself when this song is on. I thought I’d share a series of youtube videos. You just have to promise me that you’ll watch them in order.

One. The music video to MMMBop.

Two. The Blues Brothers performing Shake Your Tail Feathers.

Got those two music videos in your head? Good.

Now watch this. It’s Hanson now.

Awesome, right?!

None of this is anything major, but at least I did something today. It’s an improvement over the past seven days. I even limited my news consumption to just reading three-quarters of the latest edition of The Week.

On a completely different note, I found the pictures my dad took when we were at Lilith Fair last summer. It was awesome. Here’s a picture of Sarah MacLaughlin performing with the Indigo Girls at the finale. I was bursting with happiness.

*A process that while being satisfying and creating order, is dreadfully tedious.