Poseidon’s Arrow

Every year when my cousins come to visit, we stage an elaborate fake restaurant meal for the adults.

I definitely consider this year’s effort a success.

Also, here’s a picture of the crazy outfit I was describing yesterday.


I spent a good portion of this evening playing on Sporcle. It’s this website full of “mentally stimulating games,” which basically means trivia and lots of it. Labeling maps and reciting presidents is fairly easy and fun, but learning how to spell Massachusetts and Buchanan is not an easy task.

P.S. I dare you to beat my minute and fifty seconds (on the first try!) on the U.S. Presidents in Reverse Quiz.

On Happiness and The King’s Speech

I’ve been waiting to buy The King’s Speech from iTunes for months and months and months. And by months I mean since I first saw it on January 28th. (I wrote about it here.) It’s British, and it’s historic, and it has World War Two, and it has amazing actors, and I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Tonight, I’m going to get to watch it while sitting on the couch with my parents, eating popcorn. It will make me enormously happy. It will be the perfect ending to a day filled with school work.

Earth Day

It’s not everyday that you can say that you built a huge gavel out of paper towel rolls, newspaper, and soda bottles. Neither can you say that your beautifully made Gavel of Environmental Justice was used to smash an un-environmentally friendly factory to bits. I love Earth Day in my government small learning community.