Ella and the Daylight Savings Time Grumbles

On my list of things I dislike, you will find Daylight Savings Time sandwiched in between lima beans and vacuuming. It’s not enough of a time change forward to make it easy for me to adjust (for whatever reason, I handle jet lag in Europe incredibly well), and I don’t care enough for having an extra hour of light in the evening to get excited about the change. Instead, I just wander around in a bit of a tired daze for half a week trying adjust and getting confused by clocks I’ve forgotten to change. (When you insist upon having clocks set at a varying number of minutes fast in nearly every room of the house, it can be difficult to keep up with power outages and Daylight Savings)

For anyone else feeling grumbly and tired or who is just plain interested in how Daylight Savings Time came about and opperates, I highly recommend watching this video:

One thought on “Ella and the Daylight Savings Time Grumbles

  1. Interesting video! I have had the hardest time falling asleep this week- the spring forward has really messed me up. Though the extra sun is nice.

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