In Which Ella Attends SCBWI: Part One

If I were not so exhausted, this post would go one for hundreds more words as I gushed about how amazing the Society of Children’s Books Authors and Illustrators New York Winter Conference has been, how many kind and wonderful people I’ve met, and the awesome speeches and breakout sessions I’ve attended, but I feel like I could fall asleep even if I were curled up on a sharp and ragged boulder, so we’ll save the longer post for Monday, and do the reader-selected post on Tuesday.

But I will share some quick snapshots before I crawl off to my boulder to catch a few hours rest.

I wore my leopard print flats so that nothing would go wrong.


And then I was surrounded by sparrows who were apparently confused about the weather. For a few minutes, I felt like the bird woman in Mary Poppins. It was lovely.