In Which Ella Goes to the Rock God Book Launch, Sees Tiger Beat Perform, Talks to Libba Bray, and Gets Books Signed

This afternoon after spending five hours perfecting a powerpoint presentation for a writing workshop I’m running tomorrow, I put on something that wasn’t a leotard and cashmere sweater, painted my nails silver and black, and took off into the city.

I like going to book events. I like going to them a lot. I like going to them so much that I will do it alone and travel for several hours just to see an author I like. I know the whole routine of listening to the author talk about the book, read a section, answer some questions, and then sign and talk with fans. While each author is incredibly different and the events are always extremely enjoyable, the format is mostly more or less the same.

Enter the Rock God (by Barney Miller) book launch and Tiger Beat.

I spent my evening watching a rock concert and listening to Libba Bray, Natalie Standiford, Daniel Ehrenhaft, and Barney Miller play covers of hits from the eighties and read from their books. It was–in a word–awesome.

And while I will admit that I am automatically biased towards any person that can play Velvet Underground songs, or any good music from the eighties, I can say with confidence that objectively they play very, very well!

Libba Bray remembered me from the Maureen Johnson, The Name of the Star, book launch back in September and from Twitter, greeted me by name, and introduced me to Natalie Standiford and Daniel Ehrenhaft, telling them that I was a “very good writer,” which was incredibly surreal. And wait until you see what she wrote in my books!

Authors, man, they’re the best.

My ability to take pictures with my iPhone needs to seriously improve.

Inside of Beauty Queens

And then because I was thrilled to see all of these books, a lot of which I’ve reviewed, here’s a picture of Barnes and Noble’s “Can’t-Miss Books.”

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4 thoughts on “In Which Ella Goes to the Rock God Book Launch, Sees Tiger Beat Perform, Talks to Libba Bray, and Gets Books Signed

  1. How awesome is Libba Bray! I love what she wrote in your books and that she remembered you from the Maureen Johnson signing :) What a cool event. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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