In Which Ella and Pippa Christmas Shop and Ella Discovers Out of Print Clothing

Today, I picked up Pippa in the city as she returned home for her ridiculously long winter vacation. Boarding school, man, those kids get everything (except for Saturday morning classes).

And because we were in the city, we figured it was time for some Christmas shopping. I’m not talking let’s-go-into-Macy’s-to-only-look-at-the-displays-and-not-buy-anything-or-that-really-big-H&M-that’s-like-close-to-that-big-building-you-know-that-one shopping. Honestly, if appartition were possible, and I could only use it a limited number of times, avoiding that area of the city during this time of the year would be on the list.

(Also, someone seems to have gotten together and informed people that it’s a really good idea to pose for pictures at the bottom of escalators and stairs in subway and train stations. Note: This is a terrifically poor plan for all those involved. Not only are you a danger to people riding on the escalator, but your picture will be filled with the murderous faces of everyone behind you. Getting a feel for the city in your pictures is great, just try to take your “we’re in a station!” picture somewhere else.)

Instead, Pippa and I went shopping elsewhere and after what felt like hours of going through racks of clothes, I bought Pippa a hunter green cashmere dress, which I later had to stop her from rubbing all over her face while we were walking down a flight of stairs. During the winter, Pippa is addicted to cashmere. It’s odd not to see her totting around her big blue blanket or wearing a sweater.

And then I bought way too many books. By the time we got to the bookstore, Pippa was exhausted and in pain (the result of a desk landing on her foot and carrying around a very heavy bag), so the book shopping trip was shorter than I had hoped it would be (which is to say that I dragged her around the store for over half an hour). She also dealt with the brunt of my freak-out upon discovering that they sell tee-shirts with the original covers of classic books.

I mean, look at this genius!

There’s a whole company devoted to this type of clothing! It’s called Out of Print Clothing, and I have suddenly found myself in desperate need of all of it. They even have kids clothes, so all young children in my life, get prepared for your next birthday–it’s going to be awesome.

Pippa restricted me to one shirt that was immediately handed over to my parents for safe-keeping until Christmas. I am having supreme amounts of trouble resisting the urge to go find it and give it a hug and longing stares (not unlike my relationship with cats at the animal shelter). In the meantime, you can find me drooling all over my keyboard while pretending to buy massive amounts of tee shirts.

On a different note, the worldwide film rights of Laini Taylor‘s Daughter of Smoke and Bone were acquired by Universal Pictures! I’m so excited for her and the book!

I’d say that this was a good day.

And as always, you can also find me on tumblr at, if, you know, you’re into that kind of thing.

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