In Which Ella Pedals Like a Madwoman to Mail a Present

Today, I biked over a mile in well under five minutes to mail my cousins birthday presents, and managed to fly into the post office three minutes before it closed.

Now, I hadn’t intended to cut it so close. I was supposed to be there hours before it closed, but it turns out that wrapping presents takes a really long time, or at least it does when you wrap presents the way my mom and I do. Nothing gets hastily covered in thin paper with reindeer or snowmen. We go all out.

I am also not as good at wrapping things as my mom is. My folds are never as crisp, and nothing I do ever ends up being particularly artsy. I like my geometrical shapes and colors. Whenever I try to sew the wrapping paper it rips and me making anything complicated out of wrapping paper is just plain comical. But I get by.

I spent a long time cutting out squares of fancy paper and choosing colors and all of a sudden it was two hours later and I was nowhere close to finishing all of the presents I had to wrap. I had also stupidly not done any of them in order of priority, so while Christmas presents for other family members were all put together, there were still a few birthday ones not done. But I managed to get all but one done on time, and the one that wasn’t complete got wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a Rugrats gift bag for maximum classyness. My uncle will probably find it less amusing than I did when Cecelia gave the bag to me three years ago.

It wasn’t until I walked into the post office that I realized how ridiculous I looked. My hair was a disaster, the result of being unwashed, not very well combed, and the helmet, and I was wearing glasses, a geeky tee-shirt, and a ski parka. I don’t think that I have ever left the house looking like that ever.

But all of the birthday presents are in the mail, and that’s what really matters.

Then, I biked into the fence in our backyard because I saw a cat.

In other news, cats make very disturbing noises when they cough.

And as always, you can also find me on tumblr at, if, you know, you’re into that kind of thing.

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