Ella Applies to College and Talks About That One Time When She Was Nathan Detroit

Oh, excuse me, I couldn’t hear or see you over my excessive giggling and victory dancing, because, tra la la, I’ve completed quite a few college applications today.

I considered telling you what schools I’m applying to and what all of the supplement questions were, but then I’d have to deal with public disappointment and shame if I didn’t get into any of my top picks. It’s better to keep cranking out the essays privately, knowing that with most of the schools I’m applying to, getting in is a complete crap shoot*.

So let’s just roll the dice and see what happens. Mum’s the word until spring rolls around and figure out where I got in.

*Surprisingly, I actually know how to play craps, thanks to being Nathan Detroit in my school’s sixth grade performance of Guys and Dolls. I wore a fedora, a man’s suit with the sleeves and pants rolled up, and my hair very carefully pinned back. I spoke in what I thought was a New York accent (it was not) and fell over at one point by running into someone. The bench I was standing on also toppled over, but that’s a whole other story. Other than those few instances, it was a very good performance for a sixth grade, and I was not as terrible as I just made myself sound. Someday, someone is going to find the DVD of the show and royally embarrass me with it.

And as always, you can also find me on tumblr at http://emleng93.tumblr.com/, if, you know, you’re into that kind of thing.

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