Materialistic Ella

For the past few years whenever someone has asked me what I’ve wanted for a gift, my response has been a drawn-out “uhhhhhh, I need to think about it.”

But apparently things have changed, because I’ve somehow ended up with a long list of things I’d like for Christmas. And, frankly, it makes me feel weird and very selfish and materialistic. After all, it’s not like I desperately need anything. I just want them.

I’d love to get a new filing cabinet and fix the book shelving deficiency in my room. I’d also like to get new bedding and replace the art above my bed. I’d like my own camera, and a new laptop because my MacBook I got when I was fourteen crashes all of the time. And don’t get me started on my insatiable hunger for more books.

Sometimes, I get sucked into fake online shopping where I’ll make long wishlists at stores like CB2 and Amazon. And then an hour will have gone by, and I’ll be furious at myself for falling prey to consumerism and wanting inessential items when so many people in the world don’t even have clean water. But then I’ll read about another book release and be lost to the world of I-Have-to-Have-It.

Good grief.

And as always, you can also find me on tumblr at, if, you know, you’re into that kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “Materialistic Ella

  1. Don’t feel bad about the desire for materialistic things, just don’t loose sight of the things that really matter. It’s great to recieve a gift you love so having some things in mind for when your loved ones ask is a good idea.

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