Ella and Teenage Kicks

I was walking this morning to pick up my bike from the train station where I left it on Monday afternoon, and my iPod died when I was about three blocks away from the house. But that was no matter, I don’t require constant amusement via technology.

So I kept merrily walking down the sidewalk, stepping over tree branches that are still downed from the October snowstorm, and started singing to myself in my head. Which, you know, is totally normal and totally fine, as long as the song doesn’t get stuck on repeat for the next thirty six hours.

Now, I care enough about this phenomenon to know the science behind it. So after listening to it in my head for about two hours as I flitted around town by foot and on a bike, I immediately turned the song on and listened to it over and over and over again. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped.

All I’ve heard for hours on end is The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks.

Max spent an astonishing amount of time sitting on the washing machine and watching me sing and iron this afternoon, because apparently, I’m more amusing than a nice sunny piece of carpet (which, admittedly, is nice to know, even if I’m only getting the attention for doing something strange–don’t we all want to be more interesting than the carpet?). And I’ve only continued to sing:

“I wanna hold her wanna hold her tight;

Get teenage kicks right through the night”

Here’s hoping that going to sleep will clear this earworm up.

In other news, GUESS WHO FINISHED NANOWRIMO!!! If you guess me, you win this very exciting round of Ella’s Guessing Game. There is, unfortunately, no greater prize than a brief moment of satisfaction.

I’m positively thrilled and now have thousands of words of terrible writing on my hands. At a certain point I began freaking out and there are pages upon pages of very detailed descriptions of characters and settings. There are probably about twenty thousand salvageable words from the whole extravaganza, but it’s over and done with and I can stop be so darn stressed about the word count all the time.

In other, other news, my mother just handed me a heart-shaped card two of her students made for me. All it says is “HeLOW” and is addressed to me in big penciled letters with more interesting capitalization. If I still had bullitein board space, it would be pinned up very prominently.

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