In Which Ella Goes on an Aborted Hike

At around four o’clock today, I had this genius plan that I was going to go hiking in the reservation on the mountain behind my house and watch the sunset over the city. I got as far as the base of the trail, right next to Tal’s house, before realizing that walking around the woods on a dirt path next to the edge of a cliff alone in the dark would be a spectacularly bad idea. Besides, the sky was incredibly hazy and I could barely make out the buildings.

The sky just looked sickly and not at all as beautiful as it does on your average fall day. And when I looked down at all of the trees, I could only see how they were maimed–their prematurely departed leaves and missing branches. The sidewalks were lined with limbs, some had already been chopped up for collection, and others were still in their natural form, too newly dead to have their leaves brown and crinkly and their wood dry and brittle.

But then I found piece of a branch that looked like a pair of shorts and a bunch of brilliantly red leaves, and my aborted mountain hiking mission seemed like it had been worth something, after all.

In other news, I voted! I made my mom take a picture of me right outside of the polling location, the fire station, once I was done, but it turned out horribly. Every time I try to get her to take a picture of me it turns into me instructing her on how to operate the camera and then her taking really bad pictures of me. But because I find terrible pictures amusing and also very much appreciate exactly how AWFUL I look on four hours of sleep and no makeup or hair care. Also, I think that my unbuttoned second coat button is what really makes the picture.

For the month, you can find me updating my word count on NaNoWriMo here. (I need to do it more regularly so that it doesn’t become flat for a few days, only to receive an enormous spike, indicating that I somehow magically wrote about twelve thousand words in one day.)

And as always, you can also find me on tumblr at, if, you know, you’re into that kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “In Which Ella Goes on an Aborted Hike

  1. More great writing & gorgeous photos. I like the hazy city. Interesting contrast with the brilliancy of the fall leaves. Understand how you feel about the “maimed trees.” I keep envisioning them as “corpses” on the curb as I drive past. You have a real eye for the interesting detail. Will hold on to the image of the “shorts” branch. Made me smile.


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