October Snow


This is Cecelia, bringing you a guest post today because Ella’s power is o-u-t out by virtue of the lovely storm you see above. That’s right, it is two days before Halloween and Mother Earth is already teasing us with promises of a beautifully arctic winter. I was trudging back from brunch, clutching a library book and several apples for later consumption, and this wonderful curtain of blissful white descended on Old Campus.

No matter how old I get, snow will never lose its magic. It comes and my heart dances and my eyes light up and I shrug off my hood and swirl around in an attempt to imitate the flakes. Mitten-clad freshmen rushed out of their entryways to take pictures or just to dance. It’s raining, now, and everything is a disgusting mess, but it’s worth it for the few hours of my favorite natural occurrence in the world.