The Results of Being Trapped

As it turns out, being locked in a room until five a.m. is an incredibly exhausting activity, especially if you weren’t feel well in the first place and hadn’t taken your medication. It will also give you chills and make you dizzy. In short, I don’t recommend it. You should also always check to see if a door has swelled before closing it tightly.

I would have very much liked to spend a portion day hanging out with Eliza instead of lying in bed, working and trying to warm up my hands.

In other news, why don’t we get Q.I. in America? It is seriously the best thing ever. I absolutely love it (and anything else involving the BBC and Stephen Fry). For those of you who don’t know, it’s a comedy quiz/chat show hosted by Stephen Fry with celebrity contestants.  Here’s one of my favorite episodes:

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