Spread your wings, but don’t expect to fly unless you’ve got jet fuel!

You know how sometimes people write about the items around them as manifestations of their person? Yeah well, here are the items on my desk: a tissue box. This represents my ability to relieve people of their boogers i.e. problems. Two mugs that formerly contained passion tea. These indicate that I have no passion. A desk lamp symbolizes the light that shines in my soul to make up for the fact that there are no overhead lights, in my soul that is. There are also an assortment of books which embody my Euclidean spunk.

Moral of the Story:

We must reel up the anchors of material STUFF from the ships of our lives so we can sail the sea, free!

-Courtesy of Cecelia, Preacher of Blockbusting

Cecelia can also be found sermonizing at http://justinapple.tumblr.com/.