Sitting In Cars Makes Me Inexplicably Tired

I continue to be monstrously surprised by just how tired eight hours in the car will make me. I did nothing but sit all day, and I’ve been ready to go to bed since I arrived home a little after six.

Stupid hurricane ruining vacation.

In other news, I just discovered this picture of me at the beach with Pippa and a cousin. Pippa’s the cutie in the middle, and I’m the rugrat on the right with the demented look on her face. It’s surprising how much and how little both us and the house have changed since I was four.

3 thoughts on “Sitting In Cars Makes Me Inexplicably Tired

  1. Anything more than a half-hour in the car has the same effect on me. I drive a half-hour to my son’s daycare, then another half-hour to my office. The break in between those rejuvenates me. Ba.D., on the other hand? He drives 60-120 minutes each way daily. The thought alone makes me feel like sleeping for a year. (He’s started buying audio books to keep himself awake because it has the same impact on him.)

    • An hour to two hours? Yikes! Thank goodness for audiobooks and music! I could never do that!

      My biggest problem is that no matter how tired I get in moving vehicles, I can never sleep. Pippa conks out about twenty minutes into any car trip, no matter how much sleep she’s gotten the night before. I just sit there with my head pounding and my eyes drooping the entire time. I was once up for over 48 hours when I travelled home from France a few years back. I started seeing things by the time I was walking off the last plane! Whenever we take red eyes to Europe, I turn into a complete zombie the next day.

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