On Brunch and Goodbye to Audrey, Cecelia, and Tal

I said goodbye to Audrey this morning over brunch in my favorite café. She had french toast with fancy syrup that came in a little, personal jar, and I had a BLT with the bacon so crispy it crumpled as soon as you touched it. Her chai tea was topped with steamed milk, and my raspberry smoothie was so cold it froze my brain through the top of my mouth. She drove me home, and I gave her one of those awkward leaning over the front seat divider hugs before closing the car door and walking across the lawn, feeling lonely and sad. She’ll be fine, I just know it. She always is. But I’ll miss her. I’ll miss her so much.

In a few minutes I have to leave for Cecelia’s house to say goodbye to her and Tal. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to be able to handle it.

4 thoughts on “On Brunch and Goodbye to Audrey, Cecelia, and Tal

  1. haewriuhawerue I love you and I’ll miss you too! But long emails with bizarre numbering will begin very soon!

    and as a ps, my cat is currently standing my my bookshelf looking at all the books like she’s trying to decide which one to read. i thought you’d appreciate that.

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