On Tal, Friendship Bracelets, and Growing Up

Tal came over today and tied the friendship bracelet she had given me for my birthday so many months ago around my wrist. It’s lovely, all pink and blue knots stretching from hues so pale they’re almost white, to deep vibrant shades.

And when I look down at it, securely wrapped around my wrist, I find myself wondering about its creation. As someone who has attempted and failed to make bracelets before, I know that it requires hours of focussed knotting. You have to keep track of where you left off, and a misplaced knot is hard to undo. It requires effort.

I wonder where this bracelet travelled before it was attached to my birthday present and given to me. I wonder what Tal thought about and did while she was tying it. And I wonder about where it’s going to travel now that it’s on my wrist. How will I feel during our adventures together? How long will it last until it frays?

Sometimes, I wonder if I over think things. But viewing the world this way casts a great deal more of humanity onto everything I experience and the connections between them and us seems to dissipate day by day.

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