In Which Ella Confirms That You Really Do Learn New Things Everyday

As it turns out, when someone asks for Old English while they are staring at a piece of wooden furniture, they do not expect you to go looking through the liquor cabinet to see if it is a type of scotch. They actually want you to look in the cleaning cabinet and bring them the bottle and a rag.

Afternoon naps are a wonderful idea, but when you fall asleep on top of a pile of books, you can get all sorts of weird lines on your face that might not disappear before a job interview. Pillows, good. Hardback books, bad. Also, check the bed before moving your legs, because you might kick the cat who will yowl and ignore you for the rest of the day.

Finally, putting on socks while running down wooden stairs is not a good idea. You will fall, hit your head on the wall, and nearly knock some pictures off their hangers.

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