On My Grandmother, Harry Potter, and Happiness

About four years back, when I went to visit my grandmother (who shall hence forth be called Mémé so as to distinguish her from my dad’s mom) over summer vacation, I showed her the first three Harry Potter films on DVD and gave her the corresponding books. I knew that she had gone to see a few of the other films in the movie theatre after their release dates, but I didn’t think that her affection for the series extended past an interest to keep up with her grandchildren’s interests.

Well, I was wrong big time. We were driving home from the city today when I mentioned the eighth Harry Potter movie to her, which she had been wanting to see. And instead of having a short conversation about the logistics of our trip to the theatre, we spent about half the ride talking about just how much we love the series.

She’s introduced some of her friends to the books and movies and a few weeks back brought over the first DVD and book to my great aunt’s house to help cheer her sister up. And, like any good Harry Potter fan, (this makes me so happy) she emphasized the importance of reading the book first. She had also recently seen the Lifetime movie about J.K. Rowling’s life and loved it.

I’m taking her to see the Harry Potter exhibit on Tuesday, and I’m so terribly excited. I love being able to share one of my all-time favorite things with her, and I really want to add to my collection of chocolate frogs. It’s going to be so much fun.

I also got to spend over two hours in an exhibit about the brain, and my Mémé gave me a beautiful pearl necklace that had belonged to my great-grandmother. It’s been a very awesome day.

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