When I turned my phone on this afternoon after seeing a movie with Audrey, it started buzzing like crazy. As I watched the unread text messages count rise with surprising speed, I remarked to Audrey, “That’s gotta be twitter. I bet it’s just quotes from Obama’s town hall, you know, phrases we’ve all heard before.” But the buzzing continued past the point that the White House normally tweets, so I quickly checked one message to see if something drastic had happened and the Republicans had finally come to their senses and agreed with one of Obama’s compromises. It all seemed to be about something that had happened in Norway, so I wrote it off as some EU issue, probably monetary, and went back to talking.

In my head, Scandinavia is the place you go when you want the best quality of life on the planet, peace and diplomacy, and a government that really cares for its people by providing excellent health care and social programs. Also, I it’s pretty much always Christmas there, and everyone spends their free time playing hockey and hanging out looking healthy. I’ve read too much of the Children in Noisy Village books by Astrid Lindgren and watched the movies based on them over and over again.

So when someone says Scandinavia, I mostly envision the beginning Alla Vi Barn I Bullerbyn.

So you can imagine how it isn’t even logical to me that Norway could be attacked in the way it was yesterday afternoon (their time). It simply doesn’t compute.

Explosions; windows shattering; people dead; people injured; country in crisis; shooting into a crowd of campers; no confirmed death count; the articles went on and on and my head kept spinning*.

And instead of crying or praying like a normal person would, I started revising my disaster plans, looking up the price of bullet-proof glass and those rope ladders that you use to get out of buildings when they’re on fire (they sell them in Skymall), and imagining what I would have done if I was caught in the middle of it.

It’s going to take me a while to get my head around what happened and be able to talk about it in a cohesive and somewhat reasonable manner.

*I know that the punctuation here is abysmal, but it is one thirty, and WordPress just ate my other draft.

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