Harry Potter Marathon

Sadie and I started our Harry Potter movie marathon on Sunday, and we’ve been jamming in our viewings of the movies around her work schedule. Tonight, I watched the fourth film twice. Once with Jacob and Kristian and then again with Sadie an hour later. It never gets old.

I have the bad habit of repeating myself. If there is something that I find interesting or if I make some remark that I think is fairly witty, I will repeat it to everyone. And I mean everyone. It gets to the point where Cecelia or someone else I’m around a lot will turn to me and make the comment I habitually make in that particular situation before I have even uttered a word.

Thankfully, none of them had heard my commentary on the fourth film before, and I was able to do it twice. I am by no stretch of the imagination a big talker during movies, but I do have a lot of trouble resisting to recite the lines to this scene:

or explain how they create Voldemort’s appearance.

We’ve got three more films to go before we see it at midnight on Friday.

I’m terribly, terribly excited.