Baseball, Ella, and Fights

I was watching the baseball game tonight, and there was a fight.

To be perfectly fair, the pitcher was asking for it. To quote MLB:

During a late at bat, Gregg brushed Ortiz back a few times, drawing a reaction. After Ortiz popped out, Gregg motioned to the Red Sox slugger as he was leaving the batter’s box, essentially telling him to get on with it and run down to first base. Papi didn’t like the gesture and responded in kind, charging the mound and throwing punches wildly.

It was your typical baseball fight with everyone shoving each other and no punches actually connecting, but it was enough to get four men ejected from the game and everyone riled up. Yet it got me thinking about two things. One: how angry I was at the other pitcher for messing with one of my favorite players and two: my experiences with fights.

Besides my various run-ins with Pippa, I have never actually been involved in a physical blows fight. I’m more of a make-cutting-remark-and-cast-you-a-look type of angry person, and it still takes a lot to get that out of me. But I did spend a lot of time in pre-school and elementary school being hurt by other kids. When I was about four, I was bitten by a French girl so hard it drew blood, and I spent most of fourth and fifth grade being kicked incredibly hard under the table by a very sweet girl who sat at the same table as me. Fun times.

So even though I have never hit anyone, I kept ending up in situations where people were attacking each other last year. I was at a mental illness outpatient facility, and some of the kids there had a lot of trouble controlling their aggression*. Once while sitting in a group, someone said something and a boy came flying out his chair towards another boy sitting next to me, and like an idiot I jumped up to stand in between them, using the faulty logic that even if they’re really mad, no boy would hit a defenseless girl, and they would calm down. Thankfully, I was right in that specific instance, but I also learned that if people are angry enough, they will just move around you or shove you away if you aren’t strong enough to restrain them. This lesson was compounded by tonight’s game and the way that people kept trying to have at it no matter how many people were holding them back.

So as exciting as attacking people may be, I think that I’m going to keep up my record and just stay out of that whole arena. Not only can you get in monstrous trouble for it, but as tonight’s game proves, fighting just makes you look ridiculous.

*My favorite example of this is when one of the boys went nuts and locked himself in a staff bathroom, started yelling, and kicked and punched enough holes in the wall to mess of the wiring. It was very sad because they had to keep him in there until an ambulance arrived to take him back to the hospital and flip the circuit breaker to cut the electricity to the room so he wouldn’t shock himself. We never saw him again.

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