In Which Ella Starts Sleeping Like a Toddler

I think that I am becoming a small child.

You see, I have always been a large fan of sleeping when the sun is up. It makes me feel safer knowing that other people are awake to protect me if the need arises, and I’m easily be able to see where everything is in case something important happens or if there is an emergency. Usually, this turns into my sleeping in until midmorning when I have the opportunity, but recently it’s taken a turn.

Since arriving at the beach I have managed to turn my sleeping schedule into one that resembles a toddler’s. I get up early, take a late morning nap, take a late afternoon nap, go to bed, and wake up at odd intervals in the night to do things. And I must say, it is so incredibly relaxing.

Unfortunately, this sleep schedule is not sustainable and does not lend itself well to participating in activities. Skipping my morning nap when I went to visit Lily yesterday did not make me a happy camper later that afternoon, and I was tired and not at my emotional best while mini-golfing this afternoon.

I keep telling myself that tomorrow I’ll put my foot down and not take any naps, but it has happened yet. I may be really good at self-enforcing my writing regiment and my organizational systems, but when it comes to something like sleeping, I’m slow to take independent action. Thankfully, now that I’m finally off the Geodon, I  have an easy time getting up, staying awake, and not feeling drugged and drowsy, so I’m clearly physically capable of making the change. I just need the urgency of a deadline or to participate in something that requires me to get up early and stay active all day.