In Which Ella Gets Covered in Dead Bugs and Lives to Tell the Tale

So this evening Pippa and I decided to go swimming. We had run down onto the beach and were in the water when we noticed that the ocean was teeming with dead flies*. We would have noticed them before, however from a bit of a distance the way they had washed up on shore had made them look like big piles of strands of black seaweed.

But because I am a big girl now, I did not run out of the water shrieking like someone had dumped napalm on me. I just brushed the numerous dead bugs off my my body and walked further down to a mostly non-buggy spot. So even though I rejected most of my fish at dinner because it had “bad bits,” today was still most of a victory in the overblown reactions area.

*My suspicion is that they were either killed by the fireworks set off over the weekend or they all drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide per the instructions of their cult leader.