Who Gives Fireworks to a Bunch of Young Boys?

Tonight we played Trivial Pursuit punctuated by running to the porch or back door to watch the fireworks down on the beach. In prior years, adults have mostly set off the small ones that come in little cardboard cylinders and splutter different colors up to ten feet in the air, but for this Fourth of July people decided to shell out the big bucks and we watched ones around the size the town sets off in the harbor come sailing up over the beach.

It was incredibly impressive and fun to watch until we discovered that they were being set off by the boys at the end of the street and a few of their friends who were all somewhere between the ages of thirteen and eight. And every time a large firework went veering off horizontally rather than up, threatening to take someone or a building out, I thought, We’re going to be hearing yelling and an ambulence wailing any minute now. Thankfully though, their lengthy display stopped at around ten thirty and no one was hurt.

All in all, I guess if you are going to be crazy enough to give young boys fireworks, the beach is probably the best place for them to do it. You can’t set sand on fire, the stone high wall somewhat protects the houses, and they’ve got the water right there to put themselves or anything else they set on fire out.

Happy Independence Day Eve, America.

For those of you anxiously following the loud music story, they finally turned it off at twelve thirty at night. And while they haven’t started playing anything tonight, I am still seriously displeased.

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