Are You Ready for the Laser Show?

I am definitely on vacation. I woke up early this morning and did my usual walk through the house, checking to make sure that nothing changed overnight. So far no one has come into the house and made some major furniture changes or rearranged the side tables, yet I’m convinced that if I don’t make my rounds, that will be the day that it will happen and I won’t be there to get that person into trouble. Of course, if someone does manage to break into our house–something incredibly rare in our neighborhood–the furniture is probably the least of our concerns and that without security cameras or missing property, there is very little that the police could do retroactively. Besides, while I am quite adept at breaking into our house when the front and back doors are locked, most buglers interested in medium-sized residences are too big and far too stupid to know how to launch themselves through the small bathroom window up by the ceiling and not fall into the toilet.

As the day wore on, I fell back into my usual patterns. I read The Great Gatsby on the couch for a few hours, laughing at the comments my dad wrote in the margins. For a fifteen-year-old boy he was very good at literary analysis, but most of the notes are him speculating about Scott and Zelda’s relationship. Anyway, after about an hour of lying still, I began to get really spacey and dozed off periodically until lunchtime, and after a trip to the bookstore in the afternoon, I did the same thing with a book on the evolution of English. Then it was time for a Red Sox game and Milky Way ice cream.

I am so ready for another nine days of this.

In other news, the college-age kids behind our house have decided that eleven thirty is a great time to start blasting vulgar rap music. I’m about to blow a gasket, and am currently in between going to knock on their door and tell them that the young children in our house (sixteen-year-old Pippa) can’t sleep or calling and telling them that I will call the police non-emergency number or their parents (whose number I don’t actually have, but it seems like a reasonable threat) if they don’t turn it down right now. Now, I won’t really do any of this because my parents would be furious with me, but boy do I wish I could. There is no way I’m going to be able to sleep with all of this noise, and there is no sign that they are going to let up anytime soon.

For those that are curious, tonight’s title is a reference to a Dustin Pedroia quote and tonight’s game.

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