Small Whale Attempts Heist And, Naturally, Fails and Dies

As familiar as I am with sleep deprivation, it is rare that I go longer than thirty hours without more than three hours of sleep. Well, I just did forty and a half with about an hour’s nap, and it was a lot easier than you might think. The sleepiness disappears after a little while and then it’s just a light headache and a heaviness in the front of my head.  I don’t even think that my cognitive functioning was harmed.

I find it so fascinating that my body is capable of working when being deprived of something as essential as sleep. And while I am incredibly tempted to try to stay up this much again, I won’t. I figure that if I’m going to engage in self-destructive behavior, I might as well limit to the ones I’ve already got going. Preventing them takes enough effort already. Working on gaining back all of the weight I’ve lost this past month will be quite the battle.