In Which Ella Graduates

I’m graduating today.

My case manager/school psychologist told me today that only a few people in the office thought that I would actually be able to graduate and even fewer thought that I’d be able to do it at the high school.

I find this rather surprising. I always thought that I could do it. It did take an enormous amount of determination and work, but it was like everything else in my life. If I decide that I am going to do something, I do it. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, I just refuse to fail. Finishing high school was just like starting this blog or learning how to French braid my hair. All of this hubbub in the Child Study Team office seemed so silly. In my mind, it was always going to happen, it just required a bit of work.

But I guess this does deserve to be celebrated. I mean, I went through a lot and still got straight A’s. I’m graduating with honors. I didn’t have to be sent out of district or back to a hospitalization program. Things turned out pretty well.

So I guess you could say, “Yay, Ella!”

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