In Which Ella Eats All the Fruit in the Fridge, Has Numerous Costume Changes, and Generally Acts Like A Lunatic

Good evening, everyone! I’m pulling an all-nighter after having gotten four hours of sleep last night. I’m already half delirious, which means I’m pulling out all the stops on the No Sleep Extravaganza.

First, we’ve got the menu: two-liters of Root Beer, a giant bowl of cherries, pistachios, and lemon Italian ice. I’m going with a sugar and difficult to eat theme. I’ve already had a liter of the soda. My blood sugar is going through the roof.

Next, there’s the music. I’ve made myself the world’s weirdest playlist to blast while I write. It goes something like: Oasis, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Artic Monkeys, the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker, Cheap Trick, The Jam, Hilary Hahn playing various Bach pieces for the violin, The Clash. I’m singing along very enthusiastically and badly. There is also weird vigorous shoulder shrug dancing while I type.

Finally, there are breaks to go do crazy things. I will be changing my outfit every two hours. I planning on wearing business attire between two and four and my grandmother’s prom dress from four to six. I will probably also apply makeup. This time, though, I will not absentmindedly color on my legs with a pen because going into school in the morning covered in the word eloquent and la fenêtre was embarrassing enough the first three times I did it. I will also jump into a freezing cold shower, run up and down the basement stairs as fast I can, and paint my nails.

Since I know you’re all unable to attend this fabulous party, I’ve brought you some condolence gifts.

Here’s Wonderwall by Oasis (I’d give you Step Out, but it doesn’t have a music video):

And here are two hilarious sketches:


I have actual, serious stories to tell, but not tonight. I’ll spill some tomorrow after a very, very long nap.

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