The Power of Gummy Bears and Sheer Determination

I have a lot of work to do between now and Monday, namely the second half of a five-page essay on Heart of Darkness and a five-page paper on democracy. And while this would normally make me break down with anxiety, I am actually dealing with it very well.

I function best in a very structured setting. I am great at in-class essays and tests because I have to work quickly, don’t have time to panic, and know that it is all going to be done the moment I leave the room. Being on my toes and moving at a face is fun. It’s why I do Model Congress and am able to stay calm and problem solve in the middle of a disaster.

So at the begining of this week I sat down and made myself a schedule, and I’ve been moving at lightening speed since. I’ve finished my senior thesis bibliography, all of my math work, taken my math and psychology finals, applied for an internship at a gay rights advocacy organization, written a fifteen-minute sermon, an essay on American exceptionalism, and the first half of the Heart of Darkness essay, gone to four doctor’s appointments, rehearsed the sermon twice, met with the clergy, and gone to two graduation parties and two School of Visual Arts events. Let it be known that there has been no hyperventilating or panicking.

Here’s my secret: Working intensely in five hours sessions and having lots of rewards and five minute breaks. The sermon was written with hot chocolate, a Vlogbrothers video, and a graduation party. The exceptionalism essay was written with a bag of gummy bears and orange juice. The Heart of Darkness essay will be the result of more Vlogbrothers videos and The New York Times.

It’s all due Monday, but it looks like I’ll get it done on time. Huzzah!

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