Driving Through Puddles

So my mom and I are driving home from the doctor’s office, and it’s raining and hailing. The hail is a little bigger than a green pea and the rain is coming down so hard it’s hard to see. There is giant pools of water on the side of the road, so huge that you have to drive a little bit in the other lane to avoid the streaming water. It’s flying up from the wheels of the cars and splashing everywhere, but we can deal with it. That is, of course, until we got to the world’s most giant puddle. As we sat there watching cars go through, I began to get a little nervous. The water was coming up past the licences plate on most vehicles and our Prius isn’t a very tall car. I may not know much about cars, but I do know that water in the engine is a BAD THING.

Thankfully, we drove through it, and the car was fine. But it got me thinking about the Salton’s Sea in California, a puddle so big that it spans miles. Watch the video below–it’s fascinating.