On Making Faces at Young Children

I went to Starbucks today to work on my sermon, and man were there a lot of babies. I had a table right next to the end of the line, and every time a stroller would roll up, the child would stare. Now, being a big fan of young children, I was thrilled. I’d start making funny faces at them and smiling, and they’d smile back with big toothless grins.

After the fourth stroller I began to notice that the woman sitting all the way across the store was looking at me strangely. Another stroller passed and she gave me a look like she thought I was completely deranged.

As it turns there was a shelf that was high enough to hide the stroller from view but not hide my face, so it appeared to her that I would periodically make faces at her. And because it would be too weird to get up and tell her what I was actually doing, I just sat there and kept doing it. There was a time when this would have completely mortified me and I would have avoided the store for months out of fear of seeing her again, but at this point I don’t care. So what if she thinks I’m making faces at her? I’m not doing anything actually harmful and my chances of ever having to ever speak to her are monstrously low. Worrying would be entirely irrational.

Guys, I think I’m growing up.

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