On Making Faces at Young Children

I went to Starbucks today to work on my sermon, and man were there a lot of babies. I had a table right next to the end of the line, and every time a stroller would roll up, the child would stare. Now, being a big fan of young children, I was thrilled. I’d start making funny faces at them and smiling, and they’d smile back with big toothless grins.

After the fourth stroller I began to notice that the woman sitting all the way across the store was looking at me strangely. Another stroller passed and she gave me a look like she thought I was completely deranged.

As it turns there was a shelf that was high enough to hide the stroller from view but not hide my face, so it appeared to her that I would periodically make faces at her. And because it would be too weird to get up and tell her what I was actually doing, I just sat there and kept doing it. There was a time when this would have completely mortified me and I would have avoided the store for months out of fear of seeing her again, but at this point I don’t care. So what if she thinks I’m making faces at her? I’m not doing anything actually harmful and my chances of ever having to ever speak to her are¬†monstrously¬†low. Worrying would be entirely irrational.

Guys, I think I’m growing up.