In Which Ella Realizes That Eating With Your Hands Over Your Ears Is Not an Option

I was at the diner a few weeks back when I noticed a disturbing trend: a startling large number of people were eating with their mouths open and smacking their lips. It’s disgusting. Really, really disgusting. And unlike most things that I hate, I’m not able to avoid it. I can’t mysteriously go missing at mealtimes or leave if someone who does it sits down at the table. Listening to people eat like that is just a fact of life, so I’m working on accepting that, one agonizing meal at a time.

* If anyone is curious, navigating and posting with WordPress on an iPhone is surprisingly simple and very fun.

**I don’t think I ever have, but if I don’t keep my mouth closed while I’m eating in front of you, please yell at me for it.