On the Dentist and X-Rays

I went to the dentist today, and as soon as they walked in they said that they needed to do some x-rays. X-rays I thought, Okay!┬áIt was not a party. You see, I am used to the dental x-rays where you do one on each side, and then you’re done. But apparently, once you turn 18 (which I am not, but this didn’t seem to dissuade them), they bring out the big guns. There were more than eight, and they didn’t use the small film, either.

I have a small mouth, the type of mouth that annoys the dentist, and small mouths are not made for x-ray taking. They have to jam the contraption with the film in there, and then you’re supposed to bite down. If you’re not already aware, biting makes the inside of your mouth a lot smaller. The hygenist actually gave up on about three, and one of the ones that I somehow managed to bite down on sliced the bottom of my mouth. It still hurts, and I am not pleased. Not pleased at all.

Thankfully, these only have to be done every five years, and the rest of the visit was fine. No cavities, and (by the grace of the Lord) it appears like I will never get wisdom teeth.