In Which Ella Gleefully Shares Math With You

Today’s post comes to you today by numbers!

As a rule, I am generally not fond of math, and I dislike it for two reasons. One, I am not particularly good at it, and two, I dislike problems with only one solution. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to discover a few things. The purpose of math is not to make me cry, and it can actually be more than a little fascinating. It’s less about the certainty that two and two make four, and more about how circles are actually bloated triangles. It’s an abstract system that explains the world around us, and not a torture mechanism designed to cause me distress.

I’ve been thinking about math a lot lately, especially the way that my body automatically does it to figure out when I can cross the street without being hit by cars, so you can imagine my surprise and happiness at discovering that John’s Vlogbrother’s video today was all about “the education continuum and why math and literature both help us understand the universe in surprisingly similar ways.” This was exactly what I had been stewing over for weeks! Yessss! Validation! I thought and immediately scurried off to share the video with the masses.

I’ve posted the video below, and I hope you’ll watch it.

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