Happily Studying for AP Government and Politics

I’ve been freaking out all week about the Government and Politics AP Test. Finally, on Friday afternoon after an hour of tears, I sat down with my prep book and got started. And surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. I had to laugh as I remembered that I am good at history. Unlike math, it’s incredibly easy for me. To top it all off, government and politics is topical and downright fascinating, and studying for the test is actually very enjoyable. Bottom line, if I can get through the book before Tuesday’s test, I’ll be fine. Like a five or maybe a four fine.

In other news, we might be going to the beach this coming weekend. I plan on having my interest group hold a luncheon and donate a lot of money (Citizens United, you suck) to my parents’ nonexistent reelection campaign. Hopefully, it’ll work.