Sixth Grade Injustices and Poorly-Written Poetry

This afternoon, I discovered a poetry project that I had flunked from sixth grade. According to my teacher at the time, “haikus can only be about nature.” Of course, this is entirely erroneous (check out Wikipedia here), but it’s not as crazy as the time we skipped the chapter on evolution and that entire section of the curriculum because she didn’t believe in it.

And while I apparently still reserve the right to bemoan the injustice of this inaccuracy, I cannot fault her for my low score. The poems are pretty abysmal.

Soccer is very
Stifling when you are wearing
A pair of long jeans

My sisters and her friends
Thundering around upstairs
Driving me crazy

Whenever I look back on past work, even if it’s just from a year ago, I can’t help but cringe and think, I am so glad that I am not [insert age here] anymore, because man, was I stupid.