On Becoming Best Pals with Kate Chopin

I have been focussing on finishing the draft of my thesis and doing some editing. It’s a blast and a half.

I will now tell the story of my afternoon and evening through pictures.

This is what my life looks like.

Plus a billion papers with notes and outlines. Plus a binder full of a carefully underlined scholarly essays. Plus several annotated bibliographies.

My bed and desk are a mess. And by mess I mean, there are neat piles of paper (sorted by type and importance!) covering it. I can’t wait to do spring cleaning over the break.

I’d love to be able to report that writing this is easy and that my only difficulty is navigating around three cats who all want to be next to me or on me all at once.

Wearing huge hand-painted shirts and peace boxer shorts are a major plus of working at home.

In reality, I spend about a quarter of my time working, a quarter of my time spacing out, and half of my time making strangled moaning noises into this pillow.

But despite all of this agony, I am going to finish this paper. It will get done. It has to. I just know it. After all, the cats seem to believe in me.

2 thoughts on “On Becoming Best Pals with Kate Chopin

  1. I sometimes wonder why, when I’m on my computer working, the cat is always involved, trying to get on the keyboard, winding his way between me and the screen, wanting to be pet. Maybe, in their arrogance, they believe they are helping us. Or maybe, they just love us and want to be near us.

    • I’m going for the latter. Maxwell always wants to be in my lap, and Zelda is always vying to sit on my laptop. Pushkin goes for the rubbing against my sides approach. It’s adorable and a welcomed distraction.

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