Maxwell Perkins the Cat: Part Two

I just spent the entire day writing my senior thesis, so I am officially out of real words. Fifteen pages of literary analysis will do that to a person. Instead of a proper post, enjoy a short, very poorly (though intentionally so) written photo story.

Once upon a time, Maxwell Perkins was born in a boat to a feral mother. He had five siblings. One day, the mother abandoned the kittens in a hail storm, so Ella’s cousin brought them into her house to keep them warm and safe. A month later, Maxwell was given to Pippa as a gift. She was very happy.

Ella’s cat, Zelda Fitzgerald, was also very happy. She loved having an adopted son. She gave him so many baths that he was perpetually damp, but Maxwell didn’t mind. He loved his new mommy. Frequently they slept like this.

Maxwell quickly grew up. He became a very good little man-cat. When he was around one, he started sleeping like this.

Maxwell is five now. He is currently sleeping like that. It makes Ella very happy and amused.

The end.

3 thoughts on “Maxwell Perkins the Cat: Part Two

  1. Das cute.
    On another note, I still haven’t finished my thesis. And by that, I mean I’m less than half done. It was due Friday. yaaaaay.

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