A Green Volvo, Frozen Yogurt, Cecelia, and Me

Yesterday, Cecelia and I went to out to get frozen yogurt. And boy oh boy did I need it.

It had been raining all day and was as dreary as could be. By six o’clock it was completely dark out, and the rain was pounding the side of the house so hard that the raindrops were sticking to the windows and sparkling. I was exhausted. A long day at school and rejection from a school that you really wanted to go to will do that to you.

I had dragged the giant micro-suede ottoman over to a table and was perched on it trying to write an essay on a Cornel West quote and failing miserably. First of all, I think that he is a pompous twit, and second, writing expository essays without freaking out is near impossible for me. But despite all of these depressing factors, I was still a tad happy. Cecelia was coming to pick me up soon.

While she waited in Jeff the Stationwagon, I performed my usual mad dash through the house, trying desperately to put on rainboots and a coat and grab an umbrella all at once. Needless to say, I nearly fell over twice. Stomping my way through the water pooling in the yard, I hopped into the car, and we were off.

I love being in the car at night. Something about driving in the dark screams fun adventure. I can’t pin down why, but if I’m in a car at night, I never want to get out again. When we got to the yogurt place, we dashed through the pouring rain, umbrellas tilted a bit downwards to prevent the wind from pushing them inside out. Inside, I filled a cup with dulche de leche and chocolate yogurt and piled some blueberries on top, because they looked pretty.

Sitting at a white table, spooning the yogurt into our mouths, we talked about this year and what it means for everybody, how exhausting school can be, and how far I’ve come. It felt good to talk candidly. The hubbub and busy-ness of school prevent that sort of conversation a lot.

And the whole way home I just yapped about trivial things like the way that boys don’t seem to like me and how jealous I am of everyone who is getting into amazing colleges. But Cecelia is a good sounding board and always says the right thing in reply, so everything felt a little better.

And when I got back home, I felt less exhausted, a bit more possitive about writing that stinkin’ essay, and way more ready to conquer the world. Thank you frozen yogurt and Cecelia.

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