Oh, Pop Music, You Amuse Me

For Foreign Language Night, my French teacher has been teaching us to sing this ridiculous French pop song:

Doc hates it so much that on Friday he was begging that we do more verb exercises than sing it. I just find its awfulness amusing and enjoy watching my classmates sing along, but hearing it three times a day everyday of the week is getting to me. Playing it that often would be somewhat acceptable if our performance was within a week, but Foreign Language Night isn’t until the thirtieth. This is classic Madame. I just wish that I was in the same class as Cecelia.

While I was running errands for over three hours with Pippa and Dad, I kept thinking about pop music. Of course, as soon as I got home, I had to look this video up again:


Laughing at it made the dark rainy afternoon disappear for a few minutes.

One thought on “Oh, Pop Music, You Amuse Me

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