Zelda Fitzgerald the Cat: Part Two

Isn’t Zelda Fitzgerald the Cat adorable? She sleeps next to me every night, and we’ve been buddies since the day we got her.¬†She even cleans her foster kittens (now cats). Here’s a picture of her and Maxwell Perkins:

Zelda and Maxwell on Lambskin

Your guess is as good as mine as to why there's a bear doing a split in the background. These things happen when you look at a picture you took five years ago.

Well, buddy, think again.

Tonight, I had all three cat bowls on the counter and had just dumped in the dry food when she leapt onto the counter, leaned over, and attempted to take a chunk out of my arm. And by chunk, I mean she bit me. I had a jacket on so it didn’t draw blood, but I’ve got little red spots where she sunk her teeth, and they hurt.

When I went to reprimand her for her very poor and unexpected behavior, this is what the look she gave me:

Way too innocent looking to be trusted.

I just tapped her on her nose, because I hear that’s how you’re supposed to discipline cats, and gave her a good talking-to. Let’s hope it works, or I will have to take to strapping pillows around my arms for protection at feeding time.

In other news, my mother bought Jelly Bellys, and they’re making me very, very happy. I’m currently putting them into groups by flavor (there are 26!) and eating them one by one.