The Medication Adventures Continue

Yesterday, one of the medications I am on was doubled, and I was supposed to start taking it in the morning, as well as at night. It was working well just in the evening, so I guess the logic was: if it’s working well now, more will make it even better.

Unfortunately, I did what I so rarely do and forgot to take my medication in the morning. I had to call my mom from school and have her bring it to me, so I wouldn’t freak out. The last time I missed it, I ended up standing in the middle of a crowded hallway, feeling like the world was tipping back and forth, and I had trouble remembering which way to turn.

So I took the medication at around twelve thirty, and by the three thirty I was a mess. I was in therapy, and after half a session, I started to get unbelievably drowsy and was getting close to dozing off while sitting on the couch. My mom picked me up when it was over, and I immediately crawled into bed and took a three hour nap. I stayed up for about three and a half hours to do my homework and eat dinner before crawling back into bed nine thirty.

Not so good, right?

Today, I remembered to take my medication at seven twenty, as I was getting ready for school. The day was going pretty well. My creative writing elective was fun, my AP English class was really interesting as always, but at around ten, I fell asleep on my desk. Yes, you read that right, Ella really did do the unthinkable and slept in class.

I woke up at around ten forty, and after some freaking out at what had just happened, I headed on down to the Child Study Team office to inform my case manager of what was going on. I asked to go home, and he told me that I really ought to call my psychiatrist. At around eleven forty-five, my mom picked me up and I did a repeat performance of yesterday: I crawled into bed and slept for three hours until three this afternoon.

My mom has informed me that the psychiatrist is out of her office all day because of a family emergency and won’t get back to us until tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m rushing to get all of my homework done before I need to go back to sleep.

I’m thinking that it might be a good idea to skip tomorrow’s morning dose even without having heard from the doctor, if it’s making me this tired. I hear that it’s healthy and good for your grades to actually be awake in school. Plus, I’m getting my hair cut in the city tomorrow, and falling asleep in the chair would probably give me an uneven cut.

But here’s what I really want to know: Will the medication adventures ever end?

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