The Internet Hypochondriac

I really need to stop inputting all of my symptoms into the WebMD symptom checker every time I feel the slightest bit sick. It only ever leads me to conclude that I have goiters or whooping cough.

More realistically, the sore throat and runny nose are probably because I have spent a lot of the past twenty-four hours crying.

4 thoughts on “The Internet Hypochondriac

  1. WebMD is my life…

    And I’m really sorry again about today. It had absolutely nothing to do with you, just stupid time and logistics. I love you a lot hang out with me sometime please?

    • Don’t worry about it! Love you lots, too! I am so down for hanging out. Let’s talk tomorrow before the Art Show. I should have put spaces between all of those sentences. It’s funnier this way, though.

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