A Midwinter Night’s Nap

Lately, I’ve been having this problem where I fall asleep for an hour in the middle of doing my homework. I did it on Friday when I had an assignment that had to be submitted electronically before midnight; I did it on Sunday when I was trying to read my psych textbook; and I did it today when I was in the middle of Act I of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (which I keep saying and writing like “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” for some insane reason). I think I must have been taking the dreaming part of the title too seriously.

When this happened on Sunday and Friday, I woke up, thought, oh geez, and got back to work. But that didn’t happen this evening. I must have drifted off a little after five forty, and when I woke up at six thirty-two, I thought that it was tomorrow morning and that I was running horribly, horribly late. However, one, it was quite clearly six thirty-two in the evening and two, if it was six thirty-two in the morning, I would only be two minutes behind schedule. I had just loaded up my backpack and was dashing upstairs to shower, when I decided to check my phone to see if it needed to charge a little. It didn’t, but it did tell me that it was six thirty-seven in the EVENING and not the morning. Needless to say, I felt like an idiot.

Clearly, I need to stop studying in bed and learn to actually look–not glance–at a clock before I start to panic about time.

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