Having Ella As a Sister, A Guest Post by Pippa

In the next three hours I have to write a bill for the Senate Judiciary Committee, and all I know about said committee is that they always end up keeping liberals off the bench. It’s going to be fun.

So since I have no time to speak of, I asked Pippa to write tonight’s post. This is what she  sent me: (Everything is exactly as it appeared in the Word document: no spelling, grammar, or content changes. Scouts’ honor.)

Having Ella as a sister

Growing up with Ella has never been boring. In many ways we were like two normal kids. We had a large doll family that consumed most of our time. We dressed them every day and made up long winded stories about how Ella was the mom and I the eldest daughter. Though parts of our lives were far from normal, for example, two of our dolls names were Vittle and Elina, Ella’s creation of course, and we had “adopted” them from Finland.  Ella was always in charge of our games and practically every part of my life. I remember Ella would tell me how to spend my money, often times on gifts for her, and I would go along with it. It didn’t cross my mind until I was about 8 that I could say no and make my own choices.  But no matter how bossy she was I still love her and she will always be a better writer than me.

Top 10 random yet memorable things Ella has done

1.     Dumping all my underwear on my friends head because she was mad at me.

2.     Tripping and almost sitting on a dear that was running down my street

3.      Knitting during her middle school classes

4.      Hiding in her closet and almost calling the police because she assumed I had left for ballet and thought the fridge was the front door

5.     Incessantly trying to set me up with Audrey’s younger  brother so they could be sisters (she even sent us secret admire cards pretending to be us)

6.     Writing “fake” diaries to fool me with ( still not sure its fake Elie)

7.     Claiming that the ninth chapter of the first Harry potter book was too scary to read when she was seven ( so I had to wait a year until I could read them to myself)

8.     Sitting on my bedroom floor and staring at me when she couldn’t sleep ( that one gave me nightmares)

9.     Naming our dolls Vittle and Elina

10.   Always being the best sister ever

Love you Elie- sincerely Pipana