Babies vs. The Super Bowl

So while most of America was watching the Super Bowl tonight, I was eating dinner and watching a documentary with Tal, Cecelia, Lily, and George.

In our government-focussed small learning community, Cecelia and Tal were involved in a debate of a bill about the increase in domestic violence during the Super Bowl. Naturally, they decided that the only way that they could combat this would be to have a group of us eat vegan food and watch a documentary.

So at around seven this evening, they all came over, and Cecelia and I made pasta and a big salad while George and Lily sat on the couch and ate Sun Chips. We all marveled at the fact that the Sun Chips bag is compostable, and I resisted the urge to cover my ears whenever someone touched the bag, because man, are those bags loud.

And it was nice to sit around the dining table eating with friends. I forgot about all the awesome commercials that I was missing and tried to relax. I swear, my whole upper body is still tense from freaking out while doing my homework. (I did an excellent job of resisting a panic attack while I was in Starbucks trying to hammer out the second essay of the afternoon.) We laughed and George and Cecelia ended the meal by eating pieces of lettuce straight out of the salad bowl.

After Tal arrived, we turned on Babies. And while everyone laughed at the babies, I couldn’t help but think how much more interesting it would be if we had insight into the culture and the babies’ families. Watching a baby in Mongolia pet a goat sure is adorable, but I’d love to know if goat farming is common in the area and if the family was nomadic. But as Lily (I think) was quick to point out, it was like the film was being made from a baby’s perspective. Just like a young child, all we knew was what was in front of us. I still ended up getting out my computer and working on my novel.

So, for 2011, Babies beat the Super Bowl. Maybe next year a team I care about will make it, and I’ll watch it with my dad and tweet about all the awesome commercials.

In other news, my dad is coming home from a week-long business trip tonight, and I can’t wait to see him. When it’s just my mom and me in the house, things are very quiet.

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