My Extensions of Cecelia’s Metaphors

Once when Cecelia and I were up late doing homework and commiserating about how much of Beloved she had to read and how much of an essay I had to write, she sent me this text:

We’re in the same boat, only I have to eat words, and you have to vomit them. Oh, what pleasant metaphors.

Well, I’m planning on doing  a lot of word-vomiting in the future. Like, a-really-horrible-case-of-the-flu-or-food-poisoning vomiting. It’s going to be disgusting. Once I’m done, I’m going to make people eat the vomit and critique it.

In other words, I’ve been doing a lot of outlining and fiddling with what I already have. In a few days, I’ll be poised for a giant wave of drafting. Of course, that is if I have time to do it. Which I won’t. I’ll make it work, though. Because sometimes, staying up an extra hour at night, doing your homework, is entirely worth it if you spent that hour doing something that you love.