On Writing, Reality, Favorites, and Vulnerability

As of today, I have officially been blogging for a month (and two days). I’d wax poetic about how much I love this and why I keep going when I’d rather take a day off, but today that just doesn’t sit right. All I’m feel up to say is: I think that the posts that I am the most proud of are Love and Spider-Webs and A Christian’s Take on Gay Rights. Read them. They make me feel like a half-way decent writer and less like a run-of-the-mill teenager wannabe. Especially Love and Spider-Webs.

I promise that I’ll write about what happened today a little later on, once I get to that point where I finally understand that everything that happened today is reality. Instead, I leave you all with a video of one of my favorite TED Talks. God, I love TED Talks.

This one helped me with therapy quite a bit, and the things she talks about are things that I think that we should all explore in our own lives.

On a side note: I can feel the air currents when I sit on the floor, and it’s freaking the BEEGEEBUS out of me. It’s all cold and flow-y.